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  1. 发布时间:2019-02-14
  2. 工作地点:上海 北京 天津 其它
  3. 职位类型:兼职实习
  4. 来源:上海交大BBS
  5. 职位:2019招聘实习生
[原帖] 发信人: qiutianfyz(止水), 应届生求职网
标  题: 【实习】恩智浦半导体招实习生啦
发信站: 饮水思源 (2019年02月14日16:38:33 星期四)

恩智浦半导体实习 – 上海,苏州,北京,天津



A.	集成电路设计: 上海
B.	软件开发: 上海/苏州/北京
C.	软件测试:苏州/北京
D.	系统及应用: 上海/苏州/天津
E.	市场: 苏州

A.	集成电路设计: 上海/苏州
1.	Analog Design Intern
Job Description:
• Work on analog circuit design of analog IPs for SoC. The IPs may inclu
de ADC/DAC, comparator, op-amp, bandgap reference, LDO, oscillator and FLL/PLL
• Support layout engineers on custom layout.
• Evaluation of the design in the lab.
• Participating in design reviews and creating the necessary documentati
• Work closely with digital design engineers to support IP integration a
nd RTL/AMS verification.
• Master in Electrical Engineering or related, real project experience o
f mixed signal ICs is a plus. 
• Solid knowledge about process and device is a must. 
• Good communication and problem-solving skills along with proficiency i
n writing and speaking English.  
• Experience with the Cadence digital design tools is beneficial.

发送简历至: [email protected], 注明:申请职位 工作城市

2.	IC Backend Design Intern
Job Description:
-	Responsible for die size estimation, floor-planning, power planning and powe
r analysis.
-	Responsible for low power SOC physical design.
-	Responsible for block level CPF design, Logic/physical synthesis, Clock tree
 synthesis, place and routing, STA, SI, timing closure.
-	Responsible for DFM, DRC/LVS physical verification.
-	4th year college student or 2nd year of post graduate student.
-	Major in computer science, electronic engineering or equivalent.
-	Good language skill in English. 
-	Basic experience in IC physical implementation is a plus.
-	Experience using backend EDA tools; i.e. Cadence Virtuoso, RC, EDI, ETS, EPS
, Mentor Graphics Calibre etc is a plus.
-	Relevant experience in the area of digital circuit design is a plus.
-	Good knowledge of C/C  , Perl/TCL, scripts in Linux/Unix environment is a pl

发送简历至: [email protected], 注明:申请职位 工作城市

3.	SoC DFT (Design for Test) Intern
Job Description:
DFT related task, such as ATPG, MBIST, Boundary Scan etc
•	Responsible for whole chip or sub system level DFT architecture defini
tion and DFT planning for complex SoC design;
•	Perform design implementation and verification on test modules, scan i
nsertion, test compression, Memory Build In Self Test, JTAG/Boundary scan. 
•	Be responsible to improve the testability of IP and chip to meet test 
coverage requirement.

•	Master Degree, Major in Electrical Engineering or related disciplines 
•	Good English skills, both oral and written
•	Basic knowledge about ATPG/SCAN/Memory BIST
•	Scripting skills is plus, such as PERL, TCL etc

发送简历至: [email protected], 注明:申请职位 工作城市

B.	软件开发: 上海/苏州/北京
1.	MPU BSP Software Intern
Job Description:
-	Develop Linux and Android BSP for i.MX SoCs
-	System SW integration
-	Build/test/analyze the result
-	Write report and other documents
-	New tech pre-study and experiments
-	Postgraduate student with electrical background major
-	C/C   coding skill and tools
-	Basic Linux kernel knowledge 
-	English read/write/speak
-	Quick learner

发送简历至: [email protected], 注明:申请职位 工作城市

2.	MCU Software Development Intern
Job Description:
-	Be responsible to core MCU SW design and test for Microcontroller Kinetis po
-	Focus on RTOS porting, driver, stack and bare metal S/W development and test
 case design.
-	Review SoC specs, SW specs to understand the features and system.
-	Design, develop and execute the test cases to ensure the quality of the MCU 
-	Bug fix for the issues in the driver / stack / test code.
-	Improve the automation tool and coverage of unit tests on MCU platform.
-	Key customer support like feature analysis and issue reproducing.
-	Major in computer science, electronic engineering or equivalent
-	Solid knowledge on Assembly or C/C   programming and embedded system
-	Good understanding of general MCU architecture and peripherals
-	Familiar with embedded OS like MQX, ucosII, ucLinux, Linux.
-	Good communication skills and fluent English read/write/speak capability
-	Familiar with script, like Bash, Python, Ruby, Perl is a good plus
-	Experience with ARM based MCU is a plus
-	Experience with GIT is a plus
-	Understanding to test methodology, test cycle, process is a plus.

发送简历至: [email protected], 注明:申请职位 工作城市

C.	软件测试: 苏州/北京
Linux/Android Software Testing Intern
Job Description:
• Design/develop/maintain test tools for Android/Linux automatic tests, 
continue integration test.
• Coordinate with Cortex/Linux developer.
• Execute testing in Linux release test cycle and send out test report.

-	Bachelor or master degree in EE, Computer Science or relevant disciplines.
-	Familiar with Linux/Android commands, good understanding on cross compiling.
-	Familiar with at least one programming language, like C/C  , Java, Javascrip
t, etc.
-	Familiar with at least one script, like Bash, Python, Ruby, Perl.
-	Familiar with Operating system, Data structures, TCP/IP networking.
-	Good interpersonal and communication skills, teamwork adaptability, self-mot

发送简历至: [email protected], 注明:申请职位 工作城市

D.	系统及应用: 北京上海/苏州/天津
1.	Automotive SoC Performance Verification Intern
Job Description:
- Develop performance verification coverage scenarios to stress performance bo
ttlenecks, debug/report architecture. The test cases should cover system scena
rios/ benchmarks which stress end to end performance paths.
- Develop performance monitors (for simulation or for emulation), automate per
formance data extraction, analyze performance regression results, develop perf
ormance assertions and coverage points and analyze /close performance coverage
- Bachelor or master degree in Microelectronics, Electronics, Electrical Engin
eering, Computer Science or relevant disciplines
- Experience with MCU/MPU applications, SoC architecture.
- Fluent written English skill
- Good interpersonal communication skill, team work, and self-motivated

发送简历至: [email protected], 注明:申请职位 工作城市

2.	MCU System Engineering Intern
Job Description:
- Assist on customized application and driver development based on i.MX RT pro
- Paper work and review for design document, test report, user guide etc.
- Paper work to support Wechat articles editing
- Assist board rework, and some of logistic work
- Bachelor or master degree in Microelectronics, Electronics, Electrical Engin
eering, Computer Science or relevant disciplines
- Skills in embedded software development in C/C   or Java language
- Skills in office software like: Exel, ppt and vision etc.
- Experience with MCU/MPU applications
- Knowledge on Wechat public account management is a plus
- Fluent written English skill
- Good interpersonal communication skill, team work, and self-motivated

发送简历至: [email protected], 注明:申请职位 工作城市

3.	i.MX System Software Intern
Job Description:
• Assist on customized BSP driver development (Android/Linux/FreeRTOS) b
ased on i.MX SoC platform
• Assist on customized application development (Android/Linux/FreeRTOS) 
based on i.MX SoC platform
• Design system test cases for i.MX design-in deliveries and run the tes
• Assist on i.MX customer support activities:
• Be responsible to create test environments and reproduce issues.
• Assist on issue troubleshooting
• Assist on i.MX document creation and review.
• Good programming skills on C language
• Java programming skill will be a good plus
• Familiar with embedded software driver development model is a good plu
• Hands-On experiences with Linux/Android/FreeRTOS BSP on ARM SoC is a g
ood plus
• Strong capability for trouble shooting
• A good understanding of the interaction between software and hardware
• Experience with GIT is desired.
• Strong initiative and learning willingness.
• Good English ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

发送简历至: [email protected], 注明:申请职位 工作城市

4.	i.MX System Hardware Intern
Job Description:
• Support HW engineer to develop the validation test specifications, pro
cedures and test plans, etc.
• Perform test activities such as Ethernet/HDMI/USB/SATA/DDR/PCIE/LVDS c
ompliance test, Power subsystem, signal integrity, environmental, mechanical a
nd reliability tests, safety compliance, etc.
• Write and publish test reports that are complete and accurate to meet 
the requirements of    validation plans. 
• Providing logistical support on deployed development platforms and ref
erence designs 
• Designing add-on and supplementary boards for development platforms
• Assisting the Hardware team with platform updates, which include drivi
ng and coordinating activities for board rework, test, and re-deployment 
• Good hands on skill on boards rework and solder.
• Excellent Cadence Orcad and Allegro knowledge.
• Excellent board-level debugs capability
• Familiar with diagnostic equipment such as Logic Analyzers, Scopes, pr
otocol-analyzers, etc.
• Fluent written and verbal English communication skills
• Software background with Windows* and Linux operating systems, as well
 as some working knowledge of programming and scripting languages (for example
, C, BASIC, Perl, and others) would be an added advantage
• System knowledge in SOC, tablet, Automotive, Set-Top-Box and Digital T
V platforms would be an added advantage

发送简历至: [email protected], 注明:申请职位 工作城市

E.	市场: 苏州
1.	Technical Marketing Intern,
Job Description:
1. Support DSC and S08 Product Launch
Prepare product launch materials like six-pack, etc.
Manage customer boards, samples order and shipment in Suzhou
Work with SE team on Application Notes

2.Improve DSC and S08 Webpages
Monitor DSC/S08 webpages at www.nxp.com, find errors and fix with web team
Update DSC/S08 linecard, Brochure, sales pack, etc.
Improve DSC/S08 webpages to make it easy to use

3.Support DSC and S08 Ecosystem
Work with 3rd party tool vendors (low cost debugger, MAPS, etc.)
Work with 3rd party distribution platforms for board, MCU promotion activities
−	MS Degree, EE or Computer Science or related field
−	Good understanding of MCU architecture and peripherals
−	Programming skill on web page is a plus
−	Good skills on making PPT and using MS office tools
−	Good communication skills and fluent English read/write capability

发送简历至: [email protected], 注明:申请职位 工作城市


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