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  1. 发布时间:2018-12-13
  2. 工作地点:上海 北京 广州 深圳
  3. 职位类型:全职
  4. 来源:星展银行
  5. 职位:2019校园招聘

星展银行2019校园招聘求职大礼包 | 星展银行校园招聘笔试经验汇总 | 星展银行校园招聘面试经验汇总 | 星展银?#26143;?#32844;综合经验汇总

Live bold, Spark a change.

What is change? At DBS, it’s about creating smarter ways to bank. No limits. Just endless possibilities.

Pivot into the world of banking, or further your banking career with us.

As the World’s Best Bank, we are like no other – join us and pave the way for the future of banking.

Well-Rounded Approach

Our Management Associate Programme cultivates the best of the best in banking.

The banking and finance industry is ever-changing. It requires leaders who come from diverse backgrounds, have experience and can adapt to shifting trends.

  • Experience rotations within your specialist area (track)
  • Comprehensive banking training
  • Work with regional Management Associates
  • Network with Senior Management

Choose Your Track

Consumer Banking

Consumer Banking Group (CBG) oversees the bank’s full spectrum of products and services, including deposits, investments, mortgages, insurance, credit cards and wealth management to help our customers realise their dreams and aspirations at every stage of life. Join us to sharpen your skills in communication, strategy, and analytics, while developing industry acumen from the best in banking.

Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking includes the Institutional Banking Group (IBG), Treasury and Markets, Capital Markets. DBS provides customised financial solutions for individuals and businesses: from large corporate clients, to small and medium-sized enterprises. Join us to refine your skills in finance, client service and project management, while gaining an international perspective of banking.

Technology & Operations

Technology and Operations (T&O) executes on our goal of being digital to the core. As the World’s Best Digital Bank by Euromoney, we invest and re-architect our technology infrastructure – through automation, cloud- native technology, streamlined processes and banking applications. Join us to acquire skills in technology, analytics and coding, while reimagining and shaping the future of banking.

Reimagine banking with us

Experience growth and fulfilling experiences at DBS. Embrace digital and technology to reimagine banking and enable our customers to "Live More, Bank Less".

Apply now:

[1]DBS(Development Bank of Singapore) 2019 Management Associate (Corporate Bank), Shenzhen-星展银行2019校园招聘(深圳)


[2]DBS(Development Bank of Singapore) 2019 Management Associate (Technology & Operations), Shanghai-星展银行2019校园招聘(上海)


[3]DBS(Development Bank of Singapore) 2019 Management Associate (Consumer Bank), Shanghai-星展银行2019校园招聘(上海)


[4]DBS(Development Bank of Singapore) 2019 Management Associate (Corporate Bank), Guangzhou-星展银行2019校园招聘(广州)


[5]DDBS(Development Bank of Singapore) 2019 Management Associate (Corporate Bank), Beijing-星展银行2019校园招聘(北京)


[6]DBS(Development Bank of Singapore) 2019 Management Associate Programme, Hong Kong-星展银行2019校园招聘(香港)






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