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  1. 发布时间:2018-11-26
  2. 工作地点:天津
  3. 职位类型:全职
  4. 来源:渣打银行
  5. 职位:2019校园招聘软件工程师

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We are a
leading international bank focused on helping people and companies prosper
across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. To us, good performance is about much more
than turning a profit. It's about showing how you embody our valued behaviours
- do the right thing, better together and never settle - as well as our brand
promise, Here for good. We're committed to promoting equality in the workplace
and creating an inclusive and flexible culture - one where everyone can realise
their full potential and make a positive contribution to our organisation. This
in turn helps us to provide better support to our broad client base.


Business Services is at the heart of the professional services, core systems
and processes at the bank including client care, finance services, risk,
technology services, cyber security, cyber forensics, regulatory compliance and
banking operations.  Simply put, we
couldn’t function without these talented teams where colleagues act as trusted
advisors and manage complex, large scale, cross-border activities to ensure
that our business runs as efficiently as possible.


As a
Software Engineer you will work as part of a global technology team based in Tianjin,
China. You will have the opportunity to engage with the business to develop and
test new ideas in an agile manner using rapid development and deployment to
build meaningful business technology solutions. You will be exposed to a
diverse portfolio of projects that will help to deliver efficiencies and
automation, introduce global platforms, machine learning and bring forth
intelligent technology.


Below are
some of the opportunities you can expect as a Software Engineer:

  • Participate
    in the delivery of digital projects in an Agile development environment.
  • Contribute
    ideas to build innovative digital solutions for our customers.
  • Experience
    and learn about different types of software development processes.
  • Deploy
    industry standards for lean delivery of software.
  • Collaborate
    with a diverse team of talented developers and business stakeholders.

We are
looking for graduates who possess the following qualifications and skills to
join us:

  • Knowledge
    of fundamental programming and coding concepts in a development language such
    as Java, C and SQL.
  • Degree
    qualified, or with an equivalent vocational qualification, in software design
    and development or a related area such as Engineering with some knowledge of
  • Creative,
    technical savvy, passionate about driving innovation and delivering change.
  • Strong
    communication skills to handle client interactions. 


Apply now


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